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Terms & Condition

Please read through our terms in conditions.
Friendly, professional and caring customer service is our top priority at Baker Tech.
We strive to provide you the information and resources needed to make an informed decision when it comes to your wireless needs.
By giving your items for repair the customer agrees, that Baker Tech is not responsible for any data lost (including but not limited to: texts, pictures, etc), liquid damage found upon inspection, non working components or functions listed or not listed in the repair form, devices that were not delivered but lost in transit, devices lost in transit after being sent back to the customer. Any repairs performed may void manufacturers warranty and the customer acknowledges Baker Tech is not liable for the manufacturer's warranty.
You are responsible for ensuring your device is secured during shipping. All devices received will be inspected upon delivery before any diagnosis or repair will be performed.
You are responsible for the data on your device. Please back-up your information. It's very rare that data is lost from a repair and this has never happened at Baker Tech.
Withdrawing of service request is possible as long the repair process has not begun on your device. Canceling a repair is not possible AFTER the repair process has started.
Non-payment: Devices will be held for 30 days and attempts will be made to collect payment. You agree that if you do not pay within the frame agreed upon, you will forfeit your device and are giving your device in place of payment to Baker Tech to satisfy your debt, regardless of device type. Baker Tech is not responsible nor will be held liable for any unclaimed devices past 30 days. We will communicate with you, it's your responsibility to communicate back with us.
Your device is your responsibility and Baker Tech is not liable or responsible for your device if you choose to forfeit, not pay, abandon or not make a good effort to satisfy your repair debt.
I understand that Baker Tech is not an authorized service dealer and I agree to release Baker Tech of any liability, claims, or damages that may arise from any repair work performed on my electronic device unless it's caused by severe negligence of Baker Tech or its agents.
I understand that Baker Tech will not browse through any personal, confidential, private data or information. Technicians may inadvertently see data through the course of the repair work. I understand that any private, personal, confidential or data the customer deems private should be removed from the device prior to having work performed on the device.
By mailing in your device, you agree you have read and understand the terms and conditions. All repairs are subject to the terms and conditions.